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Boston, Maine and the Enchanting Maritimes

12 night USA & Canada fly-drive

£200 off per person, FREE Car hire & FREE trip

This amazing offer consists of direct flights from London, 2 nights in Boston, 1 night in Portland, 1 night in Fredericton, 2 nights in Halifax, 2 nights in Charlottestown, 1 night in Moncton, 1 night in St John and 2 nights in Bar Harbor, FREE hotel upgrades, a compact car with fully inclusive insurance, £200 per person discount and this amazing free trip:

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museums -

Step back in time and see how the Boston Tea Party changed American history! The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum will give you a comprehensive look into the days leading up to December 16, 1773, as well as this fateful day’s role in kick-starting the American Revolution. The museum combines historic and rare artifacts with cutting-edge technology to give you a real-life experience of what life was like in Boston during the 18th century.

Step back in time and see how the Boston Tea Party changed American history! This Boston museum details the series of events leading to December 16, 1773, and then goes on to demonstrate how that fateful day kickstarted the American Revolution. Now you can travel back in time to be a part of all the action1

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum sits on a floating barge on the Congress Street Bridge. It includes authentically restored replicas of the original tea ships and an array of fascinating exhibits that are fully interactive. While you’re visiting, you’ll have the opportunity to witness dramatic reenactments by professional historians and even throw tea overboard as they did on that unforgettable night. Tour the museum to gain an understanding of what happened, how and why—and get a feel for how the patriots felt when they began their opposition to win America’s freedom.

See an original tea chest that has been passed down for generations dating back 230 years, experience the multi-sensory film “Let it Begin Here”, a one-of-a-kind epic film that brings you into all the action and even stop in for a cup of tea in Abigail’s Tea Room. Bring the children for an educational and entertaining look at American History like never before

What's Included

  • Direct international flights from London
  • All airport fees & taxes
  • 2 nights in Boston
  • 1 night in Portland
  • 1 night in Fredericton
  • 2 nights in Halifax
  • 2 nights in Charlottestown
  • 1 night in Moncton
  • 1 night in St John
  • 2 nights in Bar Harbor
  • FREE Compact car with fully inclusive insurance
  • FREE Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
  • £200 per person discount

12 nights




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